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The level of support I got was excellent when working with Jack. I tried other “mentors” before and it was just the same old stuff, go on craigs list, go on gum tree etc.

But Jack showed me how to put in place ads that would bring in new leads everyday and how to make sure I was teaching the students I wanted to teach. My ads run automatically so I can now concentrate on teaching.

My coaching call was great value for money and I would definitely recommend!

Luke Carey

Booked 2 x 30 min skype calls and Jack talked me through how to set up Facebook Ads for my business.

He helped me write the text and make picture for my ads. Been running a week and I have two new students already.

Robert Komorowski

South London Guitars

Jack’s a really helpful and nice guy… but better than that he knows what he’s talking about. It was really useful talking to someone else who owns a guitar teaching business to see how he gets his students.

Before I’d wasted a lot of money on posters and leaflets and didn’t really get any students. Using paid ads like Jack showed me we get new students every month and I know exactly where they come from so I don’t waste money more of my cash!

Bev Ellis

Little Oak Guitar School

The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make

I love this lyric. I love the Beatles in general. But this lyric especially. The first time I really listened to it, it just really connected with me. And it’s not the hippy sentimentality. It’s the practicality. To me this is saying… You only get out of life what you...

Should You Swear In Front Of Your Students?

I was inspired to write this email after I got the comment below about an article I had written. “Profanity in your marketing is a HUGE red flag. Very unprofessional” Someones very easily offended eh! So back to my original question should you swear in front of your...

If Anyone Here Works In Marketing…..

If there are any fellow Bill Hick’s fans out there you may know this one already. Bill Hicks was an American comedian with strong views, especially on marketing. But rather than paraphrase the great man here’s the quote itself directed at a packed audience. “If anyone...

How Much Do You Need To Practise?

We all know learning the guitar takes practise. And it’s pretty much the only reason your students won’t progress with their playing. But no matter how much you tell them some won’t. And they don’t progress. Do you have students like this? I know I do. Here’s a couple...

What I Teach In The First Lesson

One of the questions I get asked the most by new guitar teachers is what to teach in the first lesson. Over the year I’ve tried out lots of different first lesson ideas and looked at what a lot of other guitar sites recommend as the first lesson. And by far the lesson...

And You Can’t Do That With A Poster

So yesterday I told you the first reason Facebook ads get results. Here’s the second. You can see measure the response you are getting and instantly edit your ads to make them better for your audience! People massively overlook this, but it is some powerful stuff!...

The Best Way To Advertise Your Guitar Lessons

There are lots of ways to advertise your guitar lessons but there is one way that gets the best results by far. Facebook Ads! Yesterday I told you I invested £100 and got £1000 back. And it’s not entirely true. The £100 got me ten sales on one of my £100 a place six...

How To Get 40 Students In 2 Months

At the end of last year I decided I wanted a change. I moved from my home in the Midlands to London. For a guitar teacher moving cities can be a nightmare because you lose all your students. All that work you’ve done building up your client list, gone… instantly. In a...

Why I Don’t Want To Teach YOU Guitar

Bold statement… but I mean it. That is unless you are aged between 5 and 12? In which case hit me up and we’ll book you a lesson. You see I know who I want to teach and I’m very selective with my students. I mainly narrow it down by age but there are actually other...

Smells Like Bullshit

Yep, that was the best Nirvana pun I could come up with! But it pretty much sums up today’s email. Let me start by saying I’m a huge Nirvana fan. Was even a bit Kurt Cobain obsessed as an angst ridden teenager, but that’s another story. Musically Nirvana were...

When You Realise You’ll Never Be A Rockstar

I’ve never told anyone this… But up until few years ago I was convinced that at some point I would become a famous rockstar. I mean spokesman of my generation style Rockstar! In fact, part of me still thinks it could happen (despite not being in a band or writing an...

How Much Does The Average Guitar Teacher Make?

Took a bit of research this but I found it. The average guitar teacher’s yearly salary in the UK is…. ……………………..£14,000 ($19,800)………………………… Then compare that to average hours worked for people who are self-employed. The hourly rate for guitar teacher’s is £7.21!! Just...

No One Should Pay For Guitar Lessons When It’s Online For Free

Ever heard this before or thought it yourself? Make sense really. With all the free guitar lessons online and youtube videos, why would you pay someone? When I want to learn a new song or technique I google it and teach myself… don’t you?? You’d be a fool to pay for...

I Know Why You Are Here

This isn’t your typical welcome email. I’m not your typical coach, mentor, guru whatever But I do know why you signed up to Teach Guitar Now. You don’t want a normal 9 to 5 job. You don’t want to spend your life doing something you hate You don’t want to work with...

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