Once you have your Facebook page set up you need to use it effectively to advertise your guitar lessons and get more customers. Below are some strategies you can use to build up a relationship with potential customers and turn them into paying students.

Target Locally

Most people will not be willing to drive more than twenty minutes at the most for a guitar lesson. So you need to target people who are local to you when you are advertising your guitar lessons. There’s no point building up a relationship with someone on the other side of the planet or even an hour’s drive away because you’ll never turn them into a customer.


One of the best ways to turn facebook fans into customers is to build up a relationship with them. When I say relationship I don’t mean you have to move in together but if you can build up a dialogue with them they will be much more likely to book a lesson with you. You can use facebook to post on to their wall or to send private messages to them, the more comfortable they feel with you the bigger the likelihood of them becoming a student. Although you want to get them to book that first lesson don’t be too pushy. Answer their questions and offer them advice and then suggest they come down for a lesson so you can speak face to face. If you keep pushing them into booking a lesson you may end up putting them off.

Ask and Answer Questions

Asking and answering questions is a great way to initiate interactions. Instead of just posting information about yourself all the time post a question that will get you a response. Something like “What’s everyone’s favourite guitar riff?”. This will get people responding to your posts and then you can interact with them. Also if see anyone is posting a question relating to guitars or music in general, comment on it and post an answer. If they start to see you as a respected source of information they’ll come and ask you first.

Use Pictures and Tag Them.

On facebook people respond to pictures more than any other type of post. So using pictures is a must when advertising your guitar lessons. You can get guitar related pictures from Google image and re-post them or you can create your own. Try and make sure they have some text of them because this will get you a bigger response.

Alternatively you could take pictures of your students during their lessons and post them, once you’ve done this you need to make sure you tag them in their picture and they will get posted to their timeline as well. This works very well because people respond to pictures of themselves or people that they know. A word of warning make sure you have permission from your students to do this and if you’re are teaching someone under eighteen you need to get permission from their parents.

Make it Shareable

If your fans share a picture or post all of the people on their friends list will see it as well and this will help you advertise your guitar lessons to new customers. People are likely to share witty pictures or posts or if you are posting a picture of a student you could ask them or their family members to share it for you. You could also offer an incentive to share your post. Maybe offer a free lesson or entry into a competition to anyone who shares your post.

Call to action

So the reason we are doing all of this is to get people to book a guitar lesson with you. We need to try and persuade people to do this by using a call to action. And your call to action is to book a lesson. Try and build this posts, this would be a good post to pin to the top of your wall. Try and encourage people to book a lesson by offering an incentive like a free lesson or entry into a competition. Also give people a few ways of contacting you, like facebook, email, phone etc. Not everyone likes to make contact in the same way so give them choice. Finally, make sure your respond quickly to any enquiries that you get. You don’t want to lose out on any customers because you were two slow to act.

These tips will help you advertise your guitar lessons by building up relationships with potential customers and turning them into paying students. With everything consistency is key, try and post something at least once a day and try and build up relationships. With time you increase your students using these methods.

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